Friday, March 29, 2013

How to set China Mainland VPN on the Computer

Today i will give you instructions on how to set flyvpn free account on your computer.

First, download flyvpn client.

Second, get free account here:
Please remember, there are two accounts listed on freetrial page and both are ok. The second one is for who want Spain and Thailand vpn. The password will be change automatically by the system every several minutes. In order to keep your password the newest, you have to keep refreshing your the page.

What's more, every one (every ip) just can take the free account for 3 times and every time 20 minutes. You have to wait for 5 minutes to connect the free account the second time once it broke up.

Third, put the free account into the client then log in.
Log in  flyvpn client

After you logged in, you will see the following pictures. To meet the customers' requirements, Flyvpn lastly added two China mainland vpn to the free vpn servers list.They are SH telecom03 and SH telecom07.

Free Asia VPN


Free China Mainland vpn
Click one server that you want to connect. Then, done.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Line Stickers Using Spain VPN

Line is promoting two stickers in Spain from Mar.22-Mar.28 totally free for 180 days.People who are living out of Spain cannot see the two stickers even they opened sticker shop. Did you get it?

As usual, what you only need is to get Spain vpn. Flyvpn has opened Spain vpn for free on flyvpn freetrial page.You can connect the free spain vpn for 3 times one day and every time for 20 mimutes. Two free trial accounts are listed there but the sencond one is Spain VPN

Free Spain VPN

As to how to set Spain vpn in your phone, i have stated in my blog before.You can refer to:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Watch PPStream Outside Mainland China

PPStream is also called PPS which is completely free as a P2P live video. It can be used to online watch film, television shows, sports, games, animations, financial information and news. PPS requires no registration but downloading.

PPS can be applied on Win7, Win XP, MAC, Iphone, Ipad and Android, etc. You can download this software here: 

Bad new is it is only open to China minland netizens. You know how to solve this problem if you keep following my blogs. PPS only recognizes China mainland IP so you are required to get it.

Watch PPS by using Flyvpn
Watch PPS by using China mainland IP

Flyvpn can supply you with a list of Vpn Server and each has more than one ip. Just because flyvpn doesn't offer China mainland ip for free trial, you have to purchase one account.

Your flyvpn account will be automatically activated after you paid. Here are flyvpn setup tutorials:

You can watch any program on PPS once you connected flyvpn successfully.By the way, which program do you like the best?

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Change My IP

 Many people want to change IP address when surfing the Internet by so this time i will teach you how to change your ip. No one can be online without getting an ip address(Your ip generated automatically once you get on the Internet Successfully).Using a vpn can solve it.

Take myself for example: Open the site , i see my ip address is

what is my ip before changed
My IP before changed

First  Download flyvpn client  and install it on your computer step by step. Then use the free vpn account to log in the client. Select one server you’d like to connect after you logged in  as the follow picture shows:

flyvpn free account
flyvpn free VPN server list

Check your ip again by refreshing the checking site again, it show my ip address is:

what is my ip after changed
My ip after changed

Simple setup tutorial, isn’t it?   Now, I believe you have learned it. Try it now.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Play The Walking Dead free on Iphone and Ipad

The walking dead is coming according to IGN NEWS: (click this link on your phone to get your free code) . Are you ready to download free?

But the free Walking Dead is only Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and touch. It's a good news for you if you are holding these devices.You can download the game from APP store free with a code. click get code as the shown in the following picture.

Play the Walking Dead with flyvpn

If you are living in US, you can get the code without any problem. You will be guided to APP Store to download the game after you clicked the code. Have downloaded the game now? Ok, play it.

The code offered by IGN

If you are living outside US,you are unfortunate to see the following:
Only USA Citizen can free download this game.(It seems that American people have more privileges). Whereas, Geographic restriction is no longer exist in this world nowadays especially on the NET. You can get USA IP easily by using Flyvpn. 

The information people outside usa received

Flyvpn offers free VPN account  for all of you. The free vpn account can be used by the same ip three times one day and every time for 20 minutes.You have to pay much attention that the free password will be changed automatically every several minutes so you need to keep refreshing the free trial page for getting the newest password. Don't be bothered by this step because you will excited when you connect flyvpn and changed your ip successfully. 

You need to go to APP store to register a new account after you connected USA IP successfully on you iPhone becuase app store only recognize US identity. Then open to get the code. 

Simply speaking, if you are living outside USA just following the steps:

1. connect flyvpn free account. 
2. register a new account on APP store.
3. get the game code.
4. click the game code. you will be guided to app store.
5. download the game in app store.
6. start play

If you think this article helps you a lot on downloading the Walking Dead free, don't forget to tell your friends. 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Australia VPN

The Internet censorship is making people frustrated in different country. Almost every country has limitation on internet to a certain degree. Some countries do not allow people to talk about government policies on  the Internet and even  you can find someone has been put into jail for anti- government remarks. Though Australia is a open country, the citizens also have to face the wratch of this restriction. However,  there are many ways to break this limitation.VPN can bypass it easily.
Do you know why you need to use free Australia VPN? Let us discuss this point.
Firstly, if you are Austrialian and you are traveling abroad, you may  find out that many websites will check your ip when you are planning to log in some of your accounts.The websites would ask you to type verification code or just block your account considering the security issue for your ip is unfamiliar. Under this situation, you need Australia ip urgently.  
Secondly, as we all know, not all games will be released at the same time because of the time shock.  You need to  get free Australia ip to get the game the earliest if you are a gamer and you don't live in Australia.

Free Australia VPN
Free Australia VPN

Lastly, Websites like Hulu,Netflix and BBC iPlayer has Geography restrictions for accessing. you have to get an Australia ip to access such website as above.There is a vpn Australia free trial account named flyvpn for users. It can be applied on PC,iPhone,iPad,Android smartphone and other devices. You can first use the free account before purchasing it.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Watch on Live the G-League Grand Final the Second Season 2012

Watch streamlive of the G-League Grand Final Who will be last winner on G-League Grand Final the second season 2012 ?

The competition will be held tomorrow, which is really a good news for senior gamers. The top team in the world will appear in this game such Iand LGD.

Season 2 of the G-League 2012 tournament will feature WarCraft IIIStarcraft 2League of Legends, and Dota 2 games. All the competition details will be streamed live on Chinese Video sites like PPTV and PPS. You can watch the four competitions on live here:

Starcraft 2:(+8)11.00-13:00 March.9th  Jim vs XiGua
WarCraft III:(+8)13:00-15:00 March.9th  Fly vs Lyn
LOL:        (+8)15:00-17:00  March.9th  IG vs WE
Dota 2:    (+8)17:00-19:00  March.9th  IG vs

You can watch streamlive of the G-League 2012 tournament in your own country but there may be latency in your time zone. Using a vpn is the best way to eliminate all the latency. Flyvpn will free release one account to help gamers all over the world watch the whole competition on live smoothly. This free account is totally different from that we get before because it will be released specially only for tomorrow's game DEUL. 

The username: Flyvpn
The password: will be public on Flyvpn official site and Flyvpn facebook page.
What you only need to do is download flyvpn client free here:

download flyvpn client Then input the username and password into the client.

Click"connect" by selecting one vpn server you thought the best to clear latency. 

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