Friday, March 8, 2013

Watch on Live the G-League Grand Final the Second Season 2012

Watch streamlive of the G-League Grand Final Who will be last winner on G-League Grand Final the second season 2012 ?

The competition will be held tomorrow, which is really a good news for senior gamers. The top team in the world will appear in this game such Iand LGD.

Season 2 of the G-League 2012 tournament will feature WarCraft IIIStarcraft 2League of Legends, and Dota 2 games. All the competition details will be streamed live on Chinese Video sites like PPTV and PPS. You can watch the four competitions on live here:

Starcraft 2:(+8)11.00-13:00 March.9th  Jim vs XiGua
WarCraft III:(+8)13:00-15:00 March.9th  Fly vs Lyn
LOL:        (+8)15:00-17:00  March.9th  IG vs WE
Dota 2:    (+8)17:00-19:00  March.9th  IG vs

You can watch streamlive of the G-League 2012 tournament in your own country but there may be latency in your time zone. Using a vpn is the best way to eliminate all the latency. Flyvpn will free release one account to help gamers all over the world watch the whole competition on live smoothly. This free account is totally different from that we get before because it will be released specially only for tomorrow's game DEUL. 

The username: Flyvpn
The password: will be public on Flyvpn official site and Flyvpn facebook page.
What you only need to do is download flyvpn client free here:

download flyvpn client Then input the username and password into the client.

Click"connect" by selecting one vpn server you thought the best to clear latency. 

Please note the source when you reproduce this article: 

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