Monday, October 22, 2012

Unlock Medal of Honor Earlier for 80 Hours

Medal of Honor will be released in only several hours in some countries. As far as i can see, Korea is the first country where Medal of Honor will be released. Well, if you can’t wait until then, let me tell you that you can use a VPN to unlock the game earlier. In other words, what you only need is Korean vpn to play the game. When you can play at your local time and how many hours totally you can unlock the game earlier will be listed as follows:
unlock medal of honor earlier by using flyvpn

What’s more interesting though is that there won’t be any restrictions or penalties if you decide to use this method of unlocking your game. Yeap, that is coming directly from the EA Support Team - no, don’t laugh as we don’t think that this is a misinformation.Of course EA won’t admit that everyone can pretty much activate the game via this method. If they officially did, everyone would rush and there would be an unusual overload to their servers. The official word right now though is that there won’t be any penalties.

Here’s how you can unlock the game:

1) Get FlyVPN client.

2) The free account is listed here.

3)Choose a Korean IP, then activate your game.

As we all know, the activation is basically a time check. By doing this, the game ’sees’ that you are “in Korea” and sends you the encryption key. This will unlock the game, and then you are free to play it. It will have unlocked now and you can close Flyvpn.

PS: As to the question"will EA banned my account?", here is the answer:

unlock medal of honor earlier by using flyvpn

Enjoy everyone! The game vpn official website is:


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