Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pandora Limits 40 Hours Free Streaming On Mobile Devices

Pandora is a popular music radio.Users can listen music online by Pandora and there are about 65 million regular customers who are using it. Pandora announced that it will limit the amount of free music that users may access on mobile devices. This policy will affect about 4 percent users who are using Pandora. If those users want to get unlimited music,they have to subscribe one year membership of Pandora and the price is $35.The other way is to change the way to listen music, which means they have to listen music through iPad, iTouch or PC. The rising of royalty costs is the source of why Pandora is taking this measure. Whether users will tranfer to Spotify, Mog or google music in your opinion?

Free music on Pandora 
Unlock Pandora On iPhone
 According to the latest reports, users can only listen 40 hours per month. However, the average time of one song is about 4 minutes so it is about 600 songs users can listen for free.As we know that Pandora is only available in US, Australia and New Zealand. How can users listen music free with phone, PC or other devices for those who are living outside of the three allowed countries? What users need is USA VPN,Australia VPN to bypass geographic restrictions. Users can choose one free USA VPN to get US IP then users can listen free music without time limit.
Pandora is avaiable on android and iPhone.But only US,Australia and New Zeland pandora account can download its apps.So if users who are travelling abroad and want to play Pandora on iPhone, please refer to this article how to unblock Pandora on iPhone outside USA.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WATCH OUT: Datas on Apple iOS 6.1 May have been Hacked

According to the latest news, iOS 6.1.2 already became the most popular version of Apple's iOS in less than one week after being launched. It is taking porpotion about 34.9% while there are some bugs on iOS 6.1 system.  Hackers can easily get Apple iOS 6.1 datas from phones that has been set lockscreen password that's why Apple is developing iOS 6.1.3 to fix the big problem.  Are you holding  apple product whose system is ios 6.1?  Maybe hackers are attcking your phones.


It is very important to keep our datas private. You may think that  we can do nothing on the lockscreen bug but to wait the new version then update it. We all know that internet security is very important for Netizen so please open your vpn when you are surfing the Internet with your iPhone under in public wifi. VPN can hide your ip and help you not to be detected so that avoid being attacked from hackers.


If you are the first time using VPN, please refer to  how to setup vpn on iphone,ipad and iTouch   and  how to setup vpn on your mac .


IOS Version Distribution
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flyvpn Helps You not to be Cyber-espinaged Any More

The United States is the country most targeted by cyber-attacks in the world, according to the National Intelligence Estimate, a report produced by the U.S. government based on feedback information from its intelligence agencies.

The Washington Post has recently published a report called "The foreign spies stealing U.S. economic secrets through cyberspace." Until now, the question was mainly addressed from the standpoint of military or counterintelligence, the concern becomes also about US competitiveness.

Flyvpn keeps your Internet activity secret

The report, as explained by the Washington Post "represents the consensus of the U.S. intelligence community" states the United States to be the #1 country to suffer from cyber-espionage and cyber-attacks. It refers to several key areas which have been targeted by cybercrime over the past five years, i.e. energy, finance, aerospace, computing and automotive sectors. The report does not assess the impact of this cyber-espionage, but experts estimate it at several billion dollars. 

What's more, the U.S. government would have understood the magnitude of the threat and would establish retaliatory measures.

Your internet browsing remains unsafe from prying eyes at the same time that's why you need a reliable and stable VPN to help you anonymously surfing the Internet  .This will ensure that your web surf, online banking activities and all your downloads take place in an anonymous and safe mode.
After you logged in successfully,Your IP address will automatically be replaced by an anonymous IP address(test with the free trial account )in the country you have selected. And even your ISP will not be able to identify which websites you connect to. 

You should pay high intention on this point now, otherwise you may suffer the damage which you can't gain any more.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Using Flyvpn to Prevent Yourself from Being Six Stricked

What is CAS or Six Stricks?

It's really bad news for US single Internet users that starting Monday, most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that could force them to complete educational programs, and even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl. That is Copyright Alert System (CAS).

It's an agreement between the five largest Internet service providers (ISPs)(AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner,Verizon) in the country and major content companies, such as music studios and record labels. It aims to cut down on illegal filesharing.

Flyvpn prevent you from being six-stricked

How does CAS work?

It's an automated "graduated response" system, meaning it slowly ramps up your punishments each time it thinks you're pirating files. The first two times, you just receive an email and a voicemail saying you've been caught. The third and fourth times, you're redirected to some "educational" material, and you'll have to click that you understood it. The fifth and sixth times, it gets serious: Your Internet connection can be slowed to a crawl for a few days.

Then, well, you've "graduated" from the system. No more alerts. Congrats! The CAS won't hamper you any more. Except the content companies might now try to sue you as a serial pirate. And the fact that you've been cited six times already for copyright infringement will likely be used in court against you.

What's the bad effect?

It's hard to indentify who is pirating in a public wifi environment which may result in the public Internet the slowest Internet speed. Public Internet won't benefit us any more.

We have to buy the consequence if our family member or naighborhood broke the rule that's why the six stricks are unfair.

Our privacy may experience a risk of being leaked.

How to reduce the possibities of being detected by CAS?

It's time for you to use vpn . What is vpn? It's virtual private network which can prevent your network data from being revealed. You can also change you ip address when surfing the Internet since CAS identify infrengers maily through the ip address. Here is: How to hide your ip address?

You have to learn the Internet skill to protect yourself from being detected. We are not to respect copyright protection but keep our privacy secret. 

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free US VPN For Google Nexus 7

            Google is one of the biggest companies in the world that entered into large numbers of business areas.Its smartphone-Android is popular in the world.Following Android success,Google has also launched its own tablet pc and smartphone.Google Nexus 7 is one of its tablet pc.Nexus 7 comes with all of Google's best in class Apps - like Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Google+ and YouTube.It is easy to use apps stay in sync automatically across your tablet, phone and PC.


            When you are using Nexus 7.Have you find that there are some software which could peep your personal data.We all knows that no one want its personal data to be leaked.So it is very important to use VPN to protect privacy.VPN is a good way to protect data safe.On the other hand,VPN can help users connect world easily. Unblock Facebook Twitter,YouTube,Skype,MSN,Zoosk and other sites to connect the world.Free US vpn for Google Nexus 7 is listed at .Users can get account and password there.


             If you do not know how to setup vpn on Google Nexus 7.Please refer this tutorial: How to Setup VPN on Android .


Flyvpn keeps privacy on ceilphone secret

Free US VPN For Google Nexus 7

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Friday, February 22, 2013

What Will You Do with Google Glass?

You have to apply the qualification if you want to have this "Giant". All above 18 years old and live in America can get the chance only if they express their real feelings of "what will you do with google glass?"

Goole Glass

We were informed of the strong power of google glass(GG) which has been developed the same functions as that of smartphone.You can write and send emails as well as taking photos and you can also watch videos,etc.GG will be the biggest competitor
of smartphone so we guess will GG completely replace smartphone? I don't think so because the price is so high and common people can't afford it but smart a smartphone.

However, let's all imagine that we have the ability to afford it. Well, What will you do with google glass? For me,i am the person of the least sense of direction. The strong GPS function will be my priority of purchasing GG.At that time, i don't need a map or holding smartphone finding road fredly. What i only need is to "see",to "speak". Cool enough!

What's your thought about Google Glass?


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