Friday, February 22, 2013

What Will You Do with Google Glass?

You have to apply the qualification if you want to have this "Giant". All above 18 years old and live in America can get the chance only if they express their real feelings of "what will you do with google glass?"

Goole Glass

We were informed of the strong power of google glass(GG) which has been developed the same functions as that of smartphone.You can write and send emails as well as taking photos and you can also watch videos,etc.GG will be the biggest competitor
of smartphone so we guess will GG completely replace smartphone? I don't think so because the price is so high and common people can't afford it but smart a smartphone.

However, let's all imagine that we have the ability to afford it. Well, What will you do with google glass? For me,i am the person of the least sense of direction. The strong GPS function will be my priority of purchasing GG.At that time, i don't need a map or holding smartphone finding road fredly. What i only need is to "see",to "speak". Cool enough!

What's your thought about Google Glass?

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