Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Setup Flyvpn for Xbox or PS3 Using Laptop or PC

You will need following prerequisites,

1. Wi-Fi Connection – LAN Card or Two LAN Cards.
2. Crossover Cable
3. A laptop or a PC
4. Flyvpn Service

If you have a Wi-Fi connection and LAN Card enabled laptop or PC, then you won’t find the need of another LAN Card. But if you have your internet connection coming through LAN you will need another LAN Card. In case, you need second LAN card, just connect second LAN card to your PC and Laptop and follow the same following procedure and if you have internet connection coming through Wi-Fi forget about second LAN card and follow the following steps:

1. Connect your PS3 or Xbox 360 with your Laptop or PC through Crossover Cable.

2. In case of Windows 7 open ‘Network Sharing Center’ à ‘Change Adapter Settings’ à ‘Local Area Connection’ and right click on Local Area Connection to open its properties. In case of Mac open Local Area Connection Settings. (Make Sure you don’t go into Wi-Fi settings and go in to Local Area Connection Settings)

3. Double Click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

4. Check on ‘Use the following IP address’

5. Enter ‘’ in ID Address Field and enter ‘’ in Subnet Mask.
Leave all the other fields untouched.

6. Click OK and get out of Local Area Connection Properties.

7. Now right click on your ‘VPN’ in Network and Sharing Center and click on main Sharing tab.

8. Check ‘Allow other networks to connect’.

9. Click on the Drop Down menu of Home Networking Connections and select either Local Area Network or Xbox 360/PS3 (if that appears).

10. For security reasons do not check on rest of the two options below and hit OK.

Your Flyvpn Connection is all setup for your Xbox 360 and PS3. First connect your PC or Laptop to the VPN. Now connect your Xbox 360 or PS3 to the internet via local area connection provided by your laptop or PC. It will be on VPN and you will be able to enjoy all the games and apps restricted to US and UK.

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