Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WATCH OUT: Datas on Apple iOS 6.1 May have been Hacked

According to the latest news, iOS 6.1.2 already became the most popular version of Apple's iOS in less than one week after being launched. It is taking porpotion about 34.9% while there are some bugs on iOS 6.1 system.  Hackers can easily get Apple iOS 6.1 datas from phones that has been set lockscreen password that's why Apple is developing iOS 6.1.3 to fix the big problem.  Are you holding  apple product whose system is ios 6.1?  Maybe hackers are attcking your phones.


It is very important to keep our datas private. You may think that  we can do nothing on the lockscreen bug but to wait the new version then update it. We all know that internet security is very important for Netizen so please open your vpn when you are surfing the Internet with your iPhone under in public wifi. VPN can hide your ip and help you not to be detected so that avoid being attacked from hackers.


If you are the first time using VPN, please refer to  how to setup vpn on iphone,ipad and iTouch   and  how to setup vpn on your mac .


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