Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pandora Limits 40 Hours Free Streaming On Mobile Devices

Pandora is a popular music radio.Users can listen music online by Pandora and there are about 65 million regular customers who are using it. Pandora announced that it will limit the amount of free music that users may access on mobile devices. This policy will affect about 4 percent users who are using Pandora. If those users want to get unlimited music,they have to subscribe one year membership of Pandora and the price is $35.The other way is to change the way to listen music, which means they have to listen music through iPad, iTouch or PC. The rising of royalty costs is the source of why Pandora is taking this measure. Whether users will tranfer to Spotify, Mog or google music in your opinion?

Free music on Pandora 
Unlock Pandora On iPhone
 According to the latest reports, users can only listen 40 hours per month. However, the average time of one song is about 4 minutes so it is about 600 songs users can listen for free.As we know that Pandora is only available in US, Australia and New Zealand. How can users listen music free with phone, PC or other devices for those who are living outside of the three allowed countries? What users need is USA VPN,Australia VPN to bypass geographic restrictions. Users can choose one free USA VPN to get US IP then users can listen free music without time limit.
Pandora is avaiable on android and iPhone.But only US,Australia and New Zeland pandora account can download its apps.So if users who are travelling abroad and want to play Pandora on iPhone, please refer to this article how to unblock Pandora on iPhone outside USA.

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