Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Free LINE Stickers by Connecting Vietnam VPN

Are you using LINE to chat with your friends including making phone calls, sending emails, sending text messages and sending voice messages etc. It's really one useful application for us.

If you are one of the LINE users, Pay attention to the official News:

Getting free stickers by using flyvpn

All users living in vietnam can get free stickers for iPhone and Android smartphone from Feb.2 to Mar.5(totally 7 days), which you can't get usually so that it is a great chance for you. 

Two points you should know:
1.When judging who have the right to download the free stickers which you have to pay before, the LINE will detect if the ip is belong to vietnam.

2. All the stickers this time free released in Vietnam can be transferred to your friends, which is totally different to stickers always free.  

What you only need is to change your ip to a Vietnam IP  by using flyvpn. You can just use the free trial account if you don't want to register a new one.

Getting free stickers by using flyvpn

Are you eager to get the above stickers? Follow me,

If you are android users,here is the detailed tutorial with pictures about how to set flyvpn on your android phone:

If you are holding iPhone, please refer to how to set flyvpn on your iphone:

You can download LINE stickers after you changed your ip to Vietnam ip successfully.

If it occurred "authentication failed" when you try to set flyvpn on your iphone, please first make sure the vpn account was offline from computer because one account can't be used both on computer and phone. 

Please note the source when reproduce this article: 

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