Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Change My IP

 Many people want to change IP address when surfing the Internet by so this time i will teach you how to change your ip. No one can be online without getting an ip address(Your ip generated automatically once you get on the Internet Successfully).Using a vpn can solve it.

Take myself for example: Open the site , i see my ip address is

what is my ip before changed
My IP before changed

First  Download flyvpn client  and install it on your computer step by step. Then use the free vpn account to log in the client. Select one server you’d like to connect after you logged in  as the follow picture shows:

flyvpn free account
flyvpn free VPN server list

Check your ip again by refreshing the checking site again, it show my ip address is:

what is my ip after changed
My ip after changed

Simple setup tutorial, isn’t it?   Now, I believe you have learned it. Try it now.

Please note the source when you reproduce this article:

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