Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flyvpn Helps You not to be Cyber-espinaged Any More

The United States is the country most targeted by cyber-attacks in the world, according to the National Intelligence Estimate, a report produced by the U.S. government based on feedback information from its intelligence agencies.

The Washington Post has recently published a report called "The foreign spies stealing U.S. economic secrets through cyberspace." Until now, the question was mainly addressed from the standpoint of military or counterintelligence, the concern becomes also about US competitiveness.

Flyvpn keeps your Internet activity secret

The report, as explained by the Washington Post "represents the consensus of the U.S. intelligence community" states the United States to be the #1 country to suffer from cyber-espionage and cyber-attacks. It refers to several key areas which have been targeted by cybercrime over the past five years, i.e. energy, finance, aerospace, computing and automotive sectors. The report does not assess the impact of this cyber-espionage, but experts estimate it at several billion dollars. 

What's more, the U.S. government would have understood the magnitude of the threat and would establish retaliatory measures.

Your internet browsing remains unsafe from prying eyes at the same time that's why you need a reliable and stable VPN to help you anonymously surfing the Internet  .This will ensure that your web surf, online banking activities and all your downloads take place in an anonymous and safe mode.
After you logged in successfully,Your IP address will automatically be replaced by an anonymous IP address(test with the free trial account )in the country you have selected. And even your ISP will not be able to identify which websites you connect to. 

You should pay high intention on this point now, otherwise you may suffer the damage which you can't gain any more.

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