Monday, February 25, 2013

Using Flyvpn to Prevent Yourself from Being Six Stricked

What is CAS or Six Stricks?

It's really bad news for US single Internet users that starting Monday, most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that could force them to complete educational programs, and even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl. That is Copyright Alert System (CAS).

It's an agreement between the five largest Internet service providers (ISPs)(AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner,Verizon) in the country and major content companies, such as music studios and record labels. It aims to cut down on illegal filesharing.

Flyvpn prevent you from being six-stricked

How does CAS work?

It's an automated "graduated response" system, meaning it slowly ramps up your punishments each time it thinks you're pirating files. The first two times, you just receive an email and a voicemail saying you've been caught. The third and fourth times, you're redirected to some "educational" material, and you'll have to click that you understood it. The fifth and sixth times, it gets serious: Your Internet connection can be slowed to a crawl for a few days.

Then, well, you've "graduated" from the system. No more alerts. Congrats! The CAS won't hamper you any more. Except the content companies might now try to sue you as a serial pirate. And the fact that you've been cited six times already for copyright infringement will likely be used in court against you.

What's the bad effect?

It's hard to indentify who is pirating in a public wifi environment which may result in the public Internet the slowest Internet speed. Public Internet won't benefit us any more.

We have to buy the consequence if our family member or naighborhood broke the rule that's why the six stricks are unfair.

Our privacy may experience a risk of being leaked.

How to reduce the possibities of being detected by CAS?

It's time for you to use vpn . What is vpn? It's virtual private network which can prevent your network data from being revealed. You can also change you ip address when surfing the Internet since CAS identify infrengers maily through the ip address. Here is: How to hide your ip address?

You have to learn the Internet skill to protect yourself from being detected. We are not to respect copyright protection but keep our privacy secret. 

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