Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Philippines VPN Server Added

We added Philippines 01 VPN server to our network.The Philippines server is locate at Makati .If you want to use Philippines VPN.Please purchase all shared IP VPN package.
IP: Static IP .
Price: $10/Month .
VPN Protocol: PPTP,L2TP .
Also the Philippines server have been added into Flyvpn trial account.So you can test it before purchase.If you want to use free trial Philippines VPN.Please visit: .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Thailand VPN Server Added

Flyvpn New Server

We added New Thailand VPN server to our network.It is Thailand 02 server. Customers who purchased all shared IP package can use it.
IP: Shared IP .
Location: Bangkok .
VPN Protocol: PPTP,L2TP,OpenVPN .
Price: $10/M ;$25/3M ;$45/6M ;$80/12M .

We provide free trial Thailand VPN in our trial account.If you want to test it.Please visit to get free VPN account and password.
If you want to use more countries VPN servers and without disconnected.Purchase Flyvpn services here.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

This article is to guide people who have got free 7 days Flyvpn account activation code by participating Flyvpn Facebook activity..If you are wondering how to use the activation code.Please read below paragraphs. 

1: Enter into browser.If you can't access it.Please visit .If you do not have Flyvpn account.Click "Register",If you have.Please skip step 2 and continue step 3.
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

2: Visit .Fulfill the blank area.Type into account,password and email.Click "Register" . 

How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

3: Log in your Flyvpn account.Paste into browser.
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

4: Paste your activation code into the blank area and tap "sumbit"
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

5: Then your account will be activated.Your membership have been addes 7 days.
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

6: Go to download Flyvpn client.Then you can connect Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea,Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt VPN servers.
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

7: Run Flyvpn program,Enter into your Flyvpn account and password,Tap "Login".
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

8: Choose one VPN server and Click "Connect"
How To Activate Free 7 days Flyvpn Account

If you want to know more details about the activity.Please visit .

Free 7 Days Flyvpn Account Giveaway

Gift Free VPN Account Activation Code 

Flyvpn is holding an activity to grate new and regular customers.All the people can get free 7 days Flyvpn account by clicking your mouse.Do you want to get free 7 days VPN account?Follow me to get activate code for all shared IP VPN.

Rules :

1:Customers must like Flyvpn Facebook professional page .
2:Customers must share the activity photo on Facebook.
3:Customers must comment under the activity photo.You can express your opinions or suggestions.Also you can tell us some VPN features we do not know.You can get 3 months free Flyvpn account once your opinions have been adopted by us.
4:If you have completed the above 3 steps.We will send private message to you on Facebook including free VPN account activation code.
5: Due:June . 3 rd –June.7 th (UTC+8) .


1:Please register one Flyvpn account at .Log in your account,Visit and then activate your free 7 days Flyvpn account.
2: All the customers who have participated this activity successfully can get all shared IP VPN for 7 days.Including Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea,Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt VPN servers.

ift Free VPN Account Activation Code

If you want to know more details about the activity.Please visit .

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Best Vpn Service for Protecting Privacy in India

In India, the Internet supervision is not so heavy as that in China but you still need to be careful because maybe some Indian institutes are spying on your social activity like on facebook and twitter. According to investigations from special organization, privacy always leaked from India Internet that's why you should protect privacy immediately. The best and effective way is using a vpn. Flyvpn always supply the best vpn service globally. Start setup vpn on your computer now!

best vpn service for protecting privacy

If you are one of readers of my blog, you may already know how to set flyvpn on your computer. Whereas, for new readers' sake, i need to state it again.
1. Download flyvpn client first:
2. Log in to the client with flyvpn free account (get it on flyvpn freetrial page) or flyvpn premium account(get it by just register an account then paid,register and paid through my invitation link, you can get 20% off.)
3. Select a server (any server is ok because you can hide your real ip)then connect.

Now you can chat on facebook and twitter or other social websites with enough freedom.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unlock Resident Evil: Revelations in Europe on May 21, 2013

In accordance of practice, Resident Evil: Revelations will be first released in US on May 21,2013. People in Europe and other district have to wait for three more days. As i stated  in my last blog about playing Metro: Last Light earlier,you can unlock the game earlier by using VPN.

Resident Evil: Revelations release

Flyvpn vpn client has updated and I give you guidance on how to setup flyvpn on windows. First, download flyvpn client for the newest version. Then, log in the client with either flyvpn free account or flyvpn premium account.You can see a list of vpn server after logged in successfully. 
Take flyvpn free account for example,

flyvpn free trial account

Input flyvpn free account(you can get it on free trial page)into the client then you will see what as showed in the following picture:

flyvpn server list

Select one usa server then click "connect". Now you can play Resident Evil: Revelations in Europe as Americans.You can use this way to unlock any game taht exist time differences in advance. 

By the way, if you want to buy flyvpn premium account, register and purchase through the follow link, you can get 20% off: 
Don't believe? Just take a try!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Playing Metro: Last Light on May 17 in Europe

Metro: Last Light will be released soon. However, it exists time distinctions on different countries and districts. For example, it will be relased on May 14 in North America, on May 16 in Australia and on May 17 in Europe. If you are senior online game player, you may know games are always released in this way. 
Actually, it is not a problem for you any more. You can use a game vpn to unlock Metro: Last Light earlier.

 unlock Metro: Last Light

The best vpn server provider is flyvpn who offers vpn specially for online games with both free account and premium account. For flyvpn free account, you can use every day for three times and every time for 20 mimutes. In other words, the free trial account would break automatically after 20 minutes. You need to wait for five minutes to connect again. For flyvpn premium account, it will not break and one account contains more than 300 ip in 17 countries. It's up to you which type is in your demand.  

Before you setup vpn, you need to first download flyvpn client , then input the account username and password, select a US server to connect. The setup procedure is rather simple and you consult to the vpn setup details:

After you connected to flyvpn successfully, you can play Metro: Last Light in Australia and Europe immediately because your ip has been changed to American.
Unlock the game now!

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