Monday, June 3, 2013

Free 7 Days Flyvpn Account Giveaway

Gift Free VPN Account Activation Code 

Flyvpn is holding an activity to grate new and regular customers.All the people can get free 7 days Flyvpn account by clicking your mouse.Do you want to get free 7 days VPN account?Follow me to get activate code for all shared IP VPN.

Rules :

1:Customers must like Flyvpn Facebook professional page .
2:Customers must share the activity photo on Facebook.
3:Customers must comment under the activity photo.You can express your opinions or suggestions.Also you can tell us some VPN features we do not know.You can get 3 months free Flyvpn account once your opinions have been adopted by us.
4:If you have completed the above 3 steps.We will send private message to you on Facebook including free VPN account activation code.
5: Due:June . 3 rd –June.7 th (UTC+8) .


1:Please register one Flyvpn account at .Log in your account,Visit and then activate your free 7 days Flyvpn account.
2: All the customers who have participated this activity successfully can get all shared IP VPN for 7 days.Including Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea,Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt VPN servers.

ift Free VPN Account Activation Code

If you want to know more details about the activity.Please visit .

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