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Friday, December 26, 2014

Don’t Miss the Chance to Get 7-day free VPN Giveaway

FlyVPN offers Christmas gift, 7-day free VPN activation code from 19th December, 2014 to 5th January, 2015. Five winners would be randomly selected every day to get this 7 day free activation code. 

7-day free VPN activation code

FlyVPN is holding an activity to offer 7-day free accounts to new and regular customers. Unlike the free trial provided every day, the event allows you use VPN free without limit. So your VPN connection won’t be disconnected every 20 minutes. It’s also no need to worry about the number of login times. All customers may get these activation codes by just a few steps as follows:
1. Like FlyVPN’s facebook page:,
2. Share this activity and leave a comment on it. You can express any suggestions, opinions or something else.
3. Five winners would be randomly selected every day.
4. The winners would be listed on FlyVPN’s facebook, so you have to check it.
5. Validity date: 19th December 2014 - 5th January 2015.
If you only want to use VPN for 7 days, then participate in this activity. For more details, please refer to the FlyVPN facebook: Follow up its steps and good luck to get the 7-day free activation code!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Event- 7 Days Trial VPN Activation Code

Halloween Event- 7 Days Trial VPN Activation Code
Halloween Event- 7 Days Trial VPN Activation Code
Share your ideas about Halloween to win 7 days trial VPN on FlyVPN Facebook fan page 4 days left! Do you want to get trial VPN services? Get more details about Halloween event on Facebook. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Trial 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code Event

FlyVPN Free Trial 7 Days Activation Code

To celebrate FlyVPN new version site online.Free trial 7 days FlyVPN activation code is available.
1:Visit to complete 3 steps to win free trial 7days FlyVPN activation code.
2:We will send activation code within 24 hours once we confirmed.
3:You can see your activation code after log in Facebook at .
4:Deadline: Aug 13-Aug 16 .

1: Free trial 7 Days FlyVPN activation code.
2: Including 28 countries VPN server:Mainland China,HK, TW,Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India,Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam ,Korea, Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Spain, Germany,France,UK,Turkey,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt.
3: Same as shared IP VPN premium account.

 If you don't how to use FlyVPN activation code.Please visit: .

Monday, June 3, 2013

Free 7 Days Flyvpn Account Giveaway

Gift Free VPN Account Activation Code 

Flyvpn is holding an activity to grate new and regular customers.All the people can get free 7 days Flyvpn account by clicking your mouse.Do you want to get free 7 days VPN account?Follow me to get activate code for all shared IP VPN.

Rules :

1:Customers must like Flyvpn Facebook professional page .
2:Customers must share the activity photo on Facebook.
3:Customers must comment under the activity photo.You can express your opinions or suggestions.Also you can tell us some VPN features we do not know.You can get 3 months free Flyvpn account once your opinions have been adopted by us.
4:If you have completed the above 3 steps.We will send private message to you on Facebook including free VPN account activation code.
5: Due:June . 3 rd –June.7 th (UTC+8) .


1:Please register one Flyvpn account at .Log in your account,Visit and then activate your free 7 days Flyvpn account.
2: All the customers who have participated this activity successfully can get all shared IP VPN for 7 days.Including Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea,Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt VPN servers.

ift Free VPN Account Activation Code

If you want to know more details about the activity.Please visit .

Please note the source when you reproduce my blog: .


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