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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Get Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 Free 1 Year

Since Microsoft stopped all supports for XP operating system. All computers or PC with XP are very dangerous. It's very easy affected by virus or attacked by hackers. Kaspersky is sending free 1 year antivirus activation code in mainland China. The event is only available for users who are living in mainland China. People who want to get 1 year activation code from abroad will meet error message as photo below: 

Kaspersky Event Link:
Software: Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 
Size: 231MB       Properties: Chinese (Simplified)
Platform: XP sp3+/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1     
P.S. Do not support server operating system, For example: Windows 2000/2003.

Get  Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 1 Year For Free With VPN

Because the giveaway is only available in mainland China, for people who are residing abroad have to get China mainland IP address to bypass that region block. If you haven't find mainland China VPN, you can use FlyVPN free trial VPN account to get free trial China VPN. You can find trial account and password on the right side of trial webpage. China VPN servers have been added into VPNU and VPNC account. So you can login with any one. Users can use the trial version for 20 minutes at a time, 3 times per day for single IP. I think it's enough to input email and Captcha on Kaspersky website. 
Trial VPN Account and Password
Trial VPN Account and Password
1. Download FlyVPN client on PC - Install and run it - Input trial VPN account and password - Login - Click one China server - Click Connect.

2. Once connected mainland China server, visit and input email and Captcha as photo. 

3. 领取成功!We will send code to your email in 2 business day.  Please use it within 30 days, otherwise, it will be expired.

Obtain Chinese IP address is so simple to get Kaspersky antivirus 2014 free 1 year code. If you bought Kasperkey code from other countries and want to activate it in your country and meet the error, you can read the tutorial about  how to fix Kaspersky activation error

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kaspersky Activation Error "Activation code is invalid for this region"

activation code error

You may facing the above problem, me, too. I bought mine on e-store from malaysia but i try to activate from middle east, so it says "Activation code is invalid for this region". 
Frustrating enough. How did it happen?
I searched the solution from google also i asked in  Kaspersky forum but none of them helpful. I believe Kaspersky  becomes GREEDY because everyone like and need their product.
The tech support Told me  "you must activate your kaspersky product at the country you bought the code".  Then i need  buy air  ticket immediately to  activate it? 
Brilliant and smart enough.
I've found temporary solution that can solved my problem and yours.. 
1)  First check where your activation code origin, if you buy from Malaysia you can activate from any country in Asia pacific region.
This is the list region from :
1. Americas:
* Canada
* United States
* América Latina
* Caribbean
* Caribe
* Brazil
2. Western Europe:
* Österreich
* Danmark
* Deutschland & Schweiz
* España
* France & Suisse
* Italia & Svizzera
* Luxembourg & Belgique
* Nederland
* Norge
* Portugal
* Sverige
* UK & Ireland
3. Eastern Europe:
* Polska
* România
* Russia
* Türkiye
* Middle east
* Afrique du Nord
* Africa

4. Asia & Pacific

* Australia
* India
* New Zealand
* Oceania
* South-East Asia
*Asia Pacific
* China
* Japan
* Korea

2) Now you can activate your kaspersky by using  VPN. For example:  you live in United state, your key was bought from Malaysia, then you can activate from any country in  Asia  pacific, you can search for vpn server from HongKong. then connect to vpn (HongKong server), then activate it.  If your code origin is  America then try vpn server from US. If your code origin is  western Europe then search for vpn France server .
For VPN, i use flyvpn to change my IP address, because it's free to use. 


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