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Friday, April 12, 2013

Best Android VPN for Accessing Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and twitter are two of the world's popular social websites.The moblile users are not in minority. Wherea, some countries as China, Iran and North Korea have blocked them for some unknown reasons. Actually, unblocking facebook and twitter is not a hard task.The best android vpn can make it done.

best android vpn for accessing facebookbest android vpn for accessing twitter

If you are interest into accessing facebook and twitter, you can refer to this blog on how to Setup VPN on Android.   
You can use just free account or order one by registering your own account.The free account can be used only three times per day and every time 20 mimutes.I prefer to the latter one because the premimum account offers more servers for selecting which may be more stable than free account. I believe no one would like to connect it again and again every time it broke up. 

PS: Any one that register and order through this invitation link can get 20% off:
In this way, you can access not only facebook and twitter on your mobile phone, but also any website blocked in your country.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free HongKong VPN Server For free Line Sticker

Official Hongkong Line account is online now. Line users can get a new sticker by adding friends concerning HK latest news on Line. Only users with HK IP can get it. This activity will expire on May 4th,2013. Sending stickers to your friends is a novel and live way to express yourselves. Actually, you can get new free Line sticker from HK with free HongKong vpn. If you are eager to get the sticker, just follow me.

(1) Setup vpn on android,iPhone,iPod or other devices.

Free HK VPN Server:

(2) After you connected HK VPN successfully,please open line sticker store again(you need to close it before you start to setup vpn one your phone)then you can find a new line sticker in sticker shop.

Free HK vpn for free line stickers

(3)What you need is just adding friends and downloading the sticker.

Free HK vpn for free line stickers

Have got it? So easy really.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to set VPN on Android smartphone?

Now it’s more popular sufing Internet on smartphones than on computer. You may know how to set a vpn on computer, but don’t know how to set it up on your android phone.

Actually, what the brand of the android phone is, like samsung and motorola, the setup procedures are totally the same.
Open the following accordingly:

MENU => Settings => Wireless & network => VPN settings => Add VPN => Add PPTP VPN

Now , you need to enter  username and password. If you want freetrial account,Please use Username ” vpnu ” and get vpnu password from
Then, get vpn servers here:

flyvpn Android setting tutorial 1
android vpn setting tutorial 2 
android setting vpn tutorial3
You can open any website, try right now!
What if you don’t know how to set flyvpn on your computer?  Don’t worry, different OS, different tutorial. All setting tricks are here:


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