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Monday, December 22, 2014

FlyVPN Christmas Special Offer - Starting from $4/M Only!

FlyVPN provides its Christmas special offer, being the biggest  discount of the whole year. That's Buy 6 months and get additional 3 months free & Buy 1 year and get additional 8 months free. 
This special offer is for all its packages, including the Korea dedicated IP, USA dedicated IP and the shared IP package. So no matter which package you prefer to subscribe, the expiration of your account would be largely extended. See the following details of this Christmas discount.
Shared IP
$80  >> 12 Months    $45 >> 6 Months
$80  >> 20 Months    $45 >> 9 Months

USA Dedicated IP
$240  >> 12 Months   $120  >> 6 Months
$240  >> 20 Months   $120  >> 9 Months

Korea Dedicated IP
$170  >> 12 Months  $90  >> 6 Months
$170  >> 20 Months  $90  >> 9 Months

This promotion event is from 19th December 2014 to 5th January 2015, lasting for 18 days. So don’t miss the good opportunity to get yourself a Cheap VPN service. Everyone likes to get a bargain and it is the perfect time for getting just that.  From the very special Christmas event at special offer prices, you can save a lot. As we can see, the price could as low as $4 per month for the shared IP plan. 
Tired of blocked by geo-restriction contents, only to get a cheap VPN to change your IP. You are able to get hold of a stable and reliable VPN after just a few mouse-clicks. You can browse the Internet freely and anonymously by connecting to the VPN servers
Go ahead to get the largely discounted VPN now!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FlyVPN Xmas&New Year Offer 2013

 FlyVPN Xmas&New Year Offer 2013 - As low as $4 Per Month
Christmas and New Year festivals are around the corner. Many people are busying buy items to prepare for upcoming festivals. Online shopping is popular in the world. Many providers will hold promotion online. Otherwise, lots of cybercrime cases and hackers will focus on those online shopping users. Anonymous surfing for online shopping is very effective to protect you from hackers. VPN could encrypt entire internet connection under WiFi or wired that hackers can’t track your IP address, account, password, credit cared info and so on. Join us and security anonymous sufring. We will provide competitive price as low as $4 per month.

We are holding special offers to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The event will sustain 20 days. Please grab the last opportunity in 2013.We will also hold event on Facebook to ship free VPN activation code. If you are interested in it, please focus us on Facebook. Once again, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

VPN Promotion Detials: 
1: Sever Location: 31 countries
2: VPN Plans: Shared IP, Korea dedicated IP and USA dedicated IP
3: Speical Offer: Buy 1 year and get 8 months free. Purchase 6 months and get 3 months free. Other monthly plan do not participate in the event. Cheapest VPN price as low as $4 per month. 
                                                                       6 Months                                              12 Months
Shared IP                                               $45=6 Months  9 Months                   $80=12 Months 20 Months
Korea Dedicated IP                              $90=6 Months  9 Months                   $170=12 Months 20 Months
USA Dedicated IP                                $120=6 Months  9 Months              $240=12 Months 20 Months 
4: Valid till: 04 - Jan - 2014

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