Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Top Ten Free Movie and TV Sites in China

You can't miss this article if you are learning Chinese and Chinese Culture but don't know where to get such information. The top ten free online TV and Movie sites are:

1. language selection

Watch movie on cntv by using china vpn

2.  (the one i visit the most)
Watch movie on qq by using china vpn  

Watch movie on siqiyi by using china vpn
Watch movie on youku by using china vpn 
Watch movie on sohu by using china vpn

Watch movie on 56 by using china vpn
Watch movie on tudou by using china vpn
Watch movie on letv by using china vpn
Watch movie on kankan by using china vpn
Watch movie on pptv by using china vpn
However, some of the above websites only accept China Mainland IP so you need to change your ip. Here is: How to change our ip 

Are you still bothered by not knowing channel to watch Chinese movie and TV series with so many superior video websites?

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