Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Best USA Proxy is Flyvpn

Why I am so sure that the flyvpn is the best usa proxy? You will get a clear acknowledgement after having gone through my explanations below.
1.      Access blocked website like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.
2.      Unlock game earlier while there are time differences when games are to release.
3.      Surf the Internet anonymously to avoid being hacked.


1.  Flyvpn is the most stable and safest vpn. Once connected to flyvpn, your computer will be almost impossible hacked. Unlike some other proxies which may break the Internet from time to time, flyvpn can always stay stable because of the auto re-connect function that left you impressions of never being broken although it really does.

2.  Flyvpn servers covering (recent 12 countries and more will be added of course) America, China(Mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan are included),Japan, Korea, UK, German, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Egypt, Australia and Vietnam. More importantly, Flyvpn has 80+ servers in Korea which most other vpn suppliers cannot compete.

3. The free trial account can be used every day for one hour which can satify users the basic needs.

4.  Flyvpn can work on all devices and operate systems and its performance will never lag to others.


Flyvpn set the price without complex packages which gives customers more convenience for understand and choosing.

All shared ip: $10/Month
US dedicated ip: $15/Month
Korea dedicated ip: $15/Month

There will be flyvpn promotions on big holidays like Halloween, thanks-giving, Christmas, New year etc. All the prices will be regulated in a big scale even low to $4/Month. The deals are so cost-efficient during the promotion period.

It is said the all shared ip will be only $7/Month for the year 2013. (not pretty sure, also waiting for the official news).

Refund Mechanisms

Flyvpn take the promise of Money-back guarantee within 30 days without any reason. (except for abusing purpose, of course ). Try to imagine, the company will not give such promise if their product is not good enough.(I have never seen any complaint about this point).

In conclusion, what else you would choose if you neglected the best USA proxy? If you can't restrain your excitment at this moment, then come with me and  i will show you around about flyvpn official website: 

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