Friday, October 25, 2013

Brazil VPN Server Online

FlyVPN Brazil VPN Server Online
Brazil VPN Server Online
Brazil VPN servers have been added into our network.We have 2 Brazil servers, one for free trial, another for paid membership. So users can use free trial Brazil VPN with FlyVPN. Get Brazil VPN trial account at Sometimes many people would like to use free trial VPN services, so trial accounts are always full. If you don't wanna try it again and again, maybe you can consider to purchase premium account. We are providing 30 days money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our VPN services, you can request full refund, we will detail with it in 3 days. More info about Brazil VPN server:
IP: 1, static.
Plan: Shared IP.
VPN Price: $10/M or free trial.
Location: Rio de Janeiro.
VPN Protocl: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN.
Buy VPN now to enjoy unlimited traffic and bandwidth, support P2P software and BT.

New Peru VPN Server Added

FlyVPN New Peru Server Added
Peru VPN Server
Peru VPN server added into our FlyVPN server list. Become FlyVPN paid membership can use it unlimited times. We don't bind devices, You can use it on any one PC or mobile devices, but not at the same time. If you need multiple VPN connections with your account, you can purchase it. We are providing free trial Peru VPN on web. You can click "free trial" tab on its official website  to get trial VPN account and password. 
VPN Server Info:
IP: 1, static.
Location: Lima.
VPN Protocol: PPTP, L2TP+IPSec.

Get Peru IP on devices can unblock websites in Peru, protect personal privacy and reduce ping to play online games. If you want to buy Peru VPN, please choose shared IP plan.  VPN pricing

Italy VPN Server Added

FlyVPN Added Italy VPN Server
Italy VPN Server
Italy VPN server have been added into our network. Italy 01 is the first server we add. We will add many other countries VPN server in the future. We added Italy server into VPNC trial account, people who want to test ping with Italy server can access to get latest VPN password. Hope you can get it. Trial accounts have been listed on web are always busy. If you want to get Italy IP on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, or Android, there are many VPN tutorials for multiple platforms on FlyVPN official website. It is simple to setup FlyVPN on mobile device. Let us know more about Italy 01 server.
IP:  1, Static,
Location: Roma Lazio,
Plan: Shared IP VPN,
Price: $10/M or free trial,
VPN Protocol: PPTP, L2TP+IPSec, OpenVPN,
Register an account and access to get Italy IP address.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Trial 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code Event

FlyVPN Free Trial 7 Days Activation Code

To celebrate FlyVPN new version site online.Free trial 7 days FlyVPN activation code is available.
1:Visit to complete 3 steps to win free trial 7days FlyVPN activation code.
2:We will send activation code within 24 hours once we confirmed.
3:You can see your activation code after log in Facebook at .
4:Deadline: Aug 13-Aug 16 .

1: Free trial 7 Days FlyVPN activation code.
2: Including 28 countries VPN server:Mainland China,HK, TW,Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India,Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam ,Korea, Japan,USA,Mexico,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Spain, Germany,France,UK,Turkey,Australia,New Zealand,Russia and Egypt.
3: Same as shared IP VPN premium account.

 If you don't how to use FlyVPN activation code.Please visit: .

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Turkey VPN Server Added

Turkey VPN Server
Turkey VPN Server
One Turkey VPN server has been added into FlyVPN server address list.It has been added into all shared IP VPN package and free trial VPN accounts.
The Turkey server we have added supports PPTP,L2TP and OpenVPN protocol.
Free trial Turkey VPN is available to use everyday.Customers can use it everyday.Everyone can use Turkey VPN for free one hour per day.If you want to use it.Maybe you can consider to use its free trial VPN services.
People can use Turkey VPN on iPhone,iPad,iTouch,Mac OS,Android machines and windows.It is simple to use FlyVPN.If you want to know how to use FlyVPN on devices.Please read tutorials on web .

Argentina VPN Server Added

Argentina VPN Server
Argentina VPN Server
We added Argentina 01 VPN server into our network.It has been added into all shared IP VPN package and free trial VPN account.
The IP of Argentina 01 server is static.It means that only 1 IP with this Argentina server.It supports PPTP and L2TP.
Now we are providing free trial Argentina VPN in trial account.So if you want to use it.Please visit to get "VPNU" account password.Because the password is dynamic.So please refresh this page to get latest password.
If you want to buy Argentina VPN.The price is 10 dollar.Buy 1 year FlyVPN membership.As low as $6.67 per month.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Two New Japan VPN Server Added

New Japan VPN server added

We added Japan 06 and 07 VPN server to our network.The Japan server is locate at Tokyo.If you want to use Japan 06 and 07 servers.Please purchase all shared IP VPN package.
IP: Static IP .
Price: $10/Month .
VPN Protocol: PPTP,L2TP,OpenVPN .
Now Japan 06 and 07 servers are available for premium Flyvpn account.Though the two Japan servers don't support free trial.Also you can test other Japan VPN servers in our free trial VPN account.If you would like to use it.Get free trial VPN account and password from .


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